Seminar Information (2019)

Particle Theory Group of Tokyo Metropolitan University

May 29th (Wed.), at 14:40 @8-307

"A Chiral Asymmetry Model for Magnetars "

Dr. Naoki Onishi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

A simple model is presented to interpret a possible origin of strong toroidal magnetic field ~1TT, suggested by an analysis of the hard X-ray detector data. In a typical size of magnetar, the electron is a quantum degenerate system whose Fermi energy is of the order of 100MeV, being ultra-relativistic. In the process forming neutron stars, the gravitational energy is released mainly by emitting neutrino created through electron capture with parity violating weak interaction, leaving positive chirality electrons as remnant. It is demonstrated that the relevant orbiting electrons have positive chirality and predominantly positive helicity, resulting spin-like currents in Gordon decomposition of Dirac current, which gives rise to the strong toroidal magnetic field.

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